Plastic Raw Materials Supply Premium Parts for Agricultural and Construction Equipments Workshop Machineries and Parts

EIE is one of well-known importers and Plastic Raw Material traders in the local Ethiopian Polymer Market. Both Public and Private companies rely on our material supplies such as








Our Import Division imports different kinds of equipment’s and related premium quality Parts for various brand Agricultural machineries. These parts includes:

- Engine Parts

- Clutch Disks

- Brake Shoes

- Drive Hubs

- Brake Actuators

- Rivets

- Brake Disks - Brake Drums
- V-Belts  


Our Import Division imports different kinds of Workshop Machineries and related premium quality Parts. Our Workshop Machines includes:

- Band Saw Machines

- Slotting Machines

- Universal Lathes

- Milling Machines

- Hydraulic Control Panel

- DC Motors & Drives

- CNC Lath Turning Centers - Hydraulic Pumps
- Accessories for Machines