Business consultancy services

Understanding Organizations, People and Delivering Results

EIE has the skills and a wealth of experience to understand and develop people and organizations. We work with our clients to unlock their true potential, whilst optimizing their performance and help them to achieve their goals.

Our Core Services

  • Businesses Operations: We provide new and existing businesses with a wide range of business development solutions. Whether you are an individual, SME or operating within the corporate sector, we believe that your experience of working with us should be as positive as possible. Therefore, we focus on what your requirements are, and tailor our services accordingly. Through sharing best practices, providing mentoring, training and support, we will help your business reach its full potential.


  • Training: We passionately motivate people to be the best that they can be. We support factories and trading companies to enable their working setting and employees to be prepared for an efficient organizational result. At the same time, we help them realize their full personal potential. We offer one to one sessions, group coaching sessions, mentoring, motivational presentations and workshops.


  • Individuals: We offer Personal development coaching and workshops to enable you to reach your full potential. We provide a safe and friendly environment to help you be the person you want to be through one on one coaching, motivational and stress management group workshops.

Our Approach

  • We take the time to understand your needs carefully analyzing where you are right now and where you want to be in the future


  • We help you identify improvements that can be made and we quantify the benefits to you of making those improvements


  • We work with you to implement the agreed solutions. We are not here to tell you what to do but we will be the catalyst that will help you grow and make the changes you want to make


Our Clients Include

  • New and existing manufacturing factories


  • New and existing Trading companies


"We take unique approach with each client, to match their ambitions and current business challenges. We tailored advice in a way that engages and motivates.”

We offer a free exploratory meeting to new clients, to discuss your needs and look at how we can work with you to get the results you want.